Welcome to the Cancer Victory Gear website, where we celebrate epic victories and make the most out of life. Our Mission is to highlight the accomplishment of beating the beast of Cancer and surviving to live a life of Victory. We promote an attitude of empowerment and victory in everything we do.

We rejoice in the defeat of any and all cancers and donate 5% of our proceeds each month to the cancer research organization that is represented by the most cancer sales that month to help aid in the fight for a cure. In other words, if in March, we sell more orange Kidney Cancer shirts than any other color, then 5% of all of the proceeds from the month of March will be donated to KidneyCAN.org. So while we embrace the victory and want survivors to leave the shackles of the victimhood of cancer behind them, we also want to reach back and bring as many people with us into the light of victory and the only way we can do that is to help fund research. I Beat Cancer T-ShirtSo if you want to indirectly aid in the research for a cancer that has hit close to home for you, get your friends and family to purchase in the same month to get those numbers up in order for the donation to go to the research organization working on a cure for the cancer that has affected your family.

Take your time to browse through our site and bookmark it as we will be adding new products regularly. Also, be sure to check out the Victory Moments Gallery and after you purchase your shirt take a photo and send us your victory moment. Remember this disease affects a community and it will take a community to defeat it.

We are all a community of the strongest, toughest warriors, and we have the battle scars to prove it, so let’s join together and celebrate our collective epic victory!

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