Victory Gallery

This page is devoted to showcasing our moments. Those moments when we celebrated being free of cancer or the moments when we realized that we no longer had to wake the next day and go into battle again. Take a picture of yourself in your Shirt and share your moment.

Gail's Victory Moment“My victory moment came not when my oncologist told me that my “numbers” were good and that it appeared to be gone. No, it was much more subtle than that.  Although that was indeed a great moment, the realization that the daily ordeal was actually over didn’t come until several months later.  It was July and my last chemo treatment had been the previous September.  My hair was coming back in and I could make it through the day for the most part without having to take a nap. I had started walking again, although it was slow going at first I kept at it and when I reached my first 10,000 step day I felt like I had finally reached the other side, and that I could exhale and get back to living my life.  I had been holding my breath for nearly a year waiting for something to happen, but when I hit that 10,000 step mark, I knew that nothing was going to happen, I was okay, I had won, I had beat it. Now, I had to get busy and start really living.”
–Gail G.